Education and training

Tailor-made training courses for the pig farming sector

For several years now, Jan provides training and courses for Dutch and foreign pig farmers and staff.

For training Jan makes a tailor-made program. Topics are process related management (for example right insemination moment, good colostrum intake) but also success factors such as group housing, decrease use of antibiotics, nutrition, climate and behaviour of the pigs.


In a course the pig is central, how does the pig perform the best. During the course, a lot of time also is spent how the acquired knowledge can be implemented in your own company. The duration of the course can vary from a few days to a few weeks.


Jan has a wide network of international companies and experts who can take care of parts of the courses. In addition, various pig farmers offer their knowledge and skills to carry out the practical implementation at their company.


In the appendix you will find an example of the topics and which farmers we can visit.

training varkenshouderij
The behaviour of the pig is central