Independent consultant in pig farming.

Jan Essens has been an independent consultant in pig farming since October 2011. Before that he has gained 20 years of experience in pig farming as a technical specialist at a large feed company.


In addition to an independent feed nutritionist, an independent consultant is necessary. The nutritionist ensures that the pig farmer keeps control over the feed, and Jan takes care of the practical implementation and makes an improvement plan.


As an entrepreneur you need an objective and independent advice. An advice driven by commercial interests is often not the advice that you and your company need.

Management guidance

With the experienced view of an expert, Jan will offer insight into your business. Objectively and based on technical parameters, Jan will optimize business operations.

Animal welfare coach:

Since the end of 2021, Jan has been a animal welfare coach from the POV (Producers' organisation pig farming). He can help the pig farmer with the animal welfare check and make the translation to the barn. We will find the possible improvement and from there work together towards solutions and make an improvement plan. Bite behaviour is very complex and with that Jan can help the pig farmer perfectly with his practical knowledge.

Training and education

Varkess offers tailor-made training and courses for Dutch and foreign pig farmers and their staff. With a tailor-made program we respond to the specific needs of the group.


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